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Troubled By Lizards? Try These Home Remedies And Shoo Away The Reptiles

Shoo Away Lizards: The summer time season is right here, and the monsoon shall be knocking on the doorways inside no time. Warmth and humidity are two elements which are simply good for lizard breeding. Not solely lizards are distasteful reptiles, however a mere sight of them can also be sufficient to scare many.Additionally Learn – Lychee Benefits: 5 Reasons Why This Juicy Fruit Shouldn’t Be Overlooked This Summer

You have to have been eager about easy methods to shoo away these creatures. The wait is over as we share a number of methods that you should use to do away with lizards. Additionally Learn – Is it a Good Idea to Drink Coffee on an Empty Stomach? Here’s What We Know

Attempt these:

Crimson Chili Powder and Black Pepper

First take purple chili powder and black pepper powder in equal portions. Combine them in water and spray/splash the combination within the corners of the home, on home windows, doorways, and so forth. The pungent odor of the combination will repel the lizards away. Additionally Learn – IMD Predicts Heavy Rains in Karnataka For 4 Days, Issues Yellow Alert For Bengaluru

And yeah, whereas doing so, take particular care of your eyes!


Lizards don’t just like the odor of eggs in any respect (as per analysis). Therefore, place some eggshells within the areas which are most frequented by lizards. This may make the lizards run away on their very own.

Espresso and tobacco

You too can use espresso powder to do away with the lizards. For this, combine tobacco and low powder and make an answer and spray it on the locations the place lizards prefer to linger.

Garlic and Onion

Hold garlic buds and onion slices within the place the place you discover their presence. The mixture of those two will deter lizards. Other than this, you can even make a paste of onion and garlic and use it as a sprig.


Camphor can also be useful in driving away lizards. For this, maintain camphor in all of the corners of the home. Camphor will fend off the lizards.

Peacock Feathers

Peacocks eat lizards and therefore the lizards run away from the odor of their feathers. Nevertheless, some folks consider that this recipe doesn’t work for a very long time, however nonetheless, if you wish to maintain it away with out harming the lizard, then you possibly can do that trick.

Naphthalene Balls

You have to solely 1-2 naphthalene balls to do away with lizards. All it’s a must to do is place them within the corners of your home. For locations which are type of “hold outs” of lizard, you possibly can place 4-5 balls.

Remember that lizards can simply breed in moist and heat locations in the home resembling air vents, underneath kitchen sinks, cabinets, and so forth. as these are appropriate locations for them. So, be certain to maintain these areas clear and contemporary and examine these at common intervals.

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