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Tesla shows off unfinished humanoid robot prototypes at AI Day 2022

Enlarge / The strolling Optimus prototype demonstrated on the AI Day 2022 occasion.


At present at Tesla’s “AI Day” occasion, Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled an early prototype of its Optimus humanoid robotic, which emerged from behind a curtain, walked round, waved, and “raised the roof” with its arms to the beat of techno music.

It was a dangerous reveal for the prototype, which appeared considerably unsteady on its ft. “Actually the primary time the robotic has operated with out a tether was on stage tonight,” stated Musk. Shortly afterward, three Tesla staff rolled a sleeker-looking Optimus mannequin supported by a stand onto the stage that might not but stand by itself. It waved and lifted its legs. Later, it slumped over whereas Musk spoke.

Video of Tesla AI Day 2022

The whole dwell robotic demonstration lasted roughly seven minutes, and the agency additionally performed an indication video of the strolling Optimus prototype selecting up a field and placing it down, slowly watering a plant, and shifting steel elements in a factory-like setting—all whereas tethered to an overhead cable. The video additionally confirmed a 3D-rendered view of the world that represents what the Optimus robotic can see.

Three stages of the Tesla Optimus robot so far, presented at AI Day 2022.
Enlarge / Three phases of the Tesla Optimus robotic to this point, offered at AI Day 2022.


Tesla first introduced its plans to constructed a humanoid robotic throughout its AI Day occasion in August of final 12 months. Throughout that earlier occasion, a human wearing a spandex swimsuit resembling a robotic and did the Charleston on stage, which prompted skepticism within the press.

On the AI Occasion right now, Musk and his crew emphasised that the strolling prototype was an early demo developed in roughly six months utilizing “semi-off the shelf actuators,” and that the sleeker mannequin rather more carefully resembled the “Model 1” unit they needed to ship. He stated it might most likely be capable of stroll in a number of weeks.

Targets of the Optimus venture embrace high-volume manufacturing (probably “tens of millions of models bought,” stated Musk), low-cost (“most likely lower than $20,000”), and high-reliability. Evaluating the plans for Optimus to present humanoid robots from opponents, Musk additionally emphasised that the Optimus robotic ought to have the brains-on-board to work autonomously, citing Tesla’s work with its automotive Autopilot system.

Tesla shared some specifications of its
Enlarge / Tesla shared some specs of its “Newest Technology” prototype Optimus robotic.


Shortly afterward, Musk handed over the stage to Tesla engineers that gave overviews about growing the ability methods, actuators, and joint mechanisms that might make Optimus attainable, replete with fancy graphs. “We’re carrying over most of our design expertise from the automobile to the robotic,” stated one engineer, whereas one other engineer stated they drew a lot of their inspiration from human biology, particularly in joint design.

Earlier within the demonstration, Musk stated that they had been having the occasion to “persuade among the most proficient individuals on this planet to return to Tesla and assist deliver this to fruition.” Musk additionally emphasised the publicly-owned nature of Tesla a number of occasions, mentioning that if the general public does not like what Tesla is doing they may buy inventory and vote towards it. “If I’m going loopy, you may fireplace me,” he stated.

After the two-and-a-half hour presentation, which additionally included prolonged updates on Tesla’s work with Autopilot AI, the Tesla crew gathered on stage to present detailed answered questions from the viewers for over an hour.

[This is a developing story and will be updated as new information comes in.]

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