Robots: Watch this cockroach robot squirm through a tricky obstacle course


The Omni-Roach robotic strikes like a cockroach to scale bumps, dodge pillars and wobble via flexible bars, and should develop into a Mars explorer sooner or later


31 Might 2022

A cockroach-inspired robotic can deal with sophisticated and bumpy terrain. It may very well be used for surveying earthquake rubble and even different planets.

The robotic, known as Omni-Roach, has a rounded physique, wings that may open and shut, curved legs and a tail that may transfer left and proper, and up and down. It’s round 20 centimetres lengthy and 10 centimetres tall.

Chen Li at Johns Hopkins College in Maryland and his group examined the robotic in an obstacle course that mimicked the forest flooring. Tall beams bent like blades of stiff grass, horizontal bumps emulated fallen twigs and pillars stood …

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