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Prolapse Bladder Or Cystocele: Causes, Risk Factors, Symptoms and Treatment

Prolapse bladder is widespread in ladies who give vaginal beginning. The extra vaginal births, the extra probably a girl will expertise a prolapsed bladder.

Prolapse bladder, or cystocele, is when the bladder swells to the anterior wall of the vagina. That is often known as anterior vaginal wall prolapse which implies ‘to fall misplaced’. Prolapse bladder normally leads to weak spot and stretching of the vaginal wall and pelvic ground muscular tissues as a consequence of childbirth and repeated pressure. Threat elements embrace different issues that put strain on the pelvic ground, together with being pregnant, childbirth, and high-impact train within the gymnasium.

Prolapse bladder is widespread in ladies who give vaginal beginning. The extra vaginal births, the extra probably a girl will expertise a prolapsed bladder. For girls, the anterior wall of the vagina helps the bladder, this wall can weaken and loosen with age. Heavy physique stress, comparable to childbirth, also can injury this a part of the vaginal wall. The bladder turns into unsupported and sinks into the vagina. This could trigger issues comparable to issue in urinating, discomfort, and stress incontinence.

Causes and dangers elements of prolapsed bladder

The pelvic ground is made up of the muscular tissues, ligaments, and connective tissue that assist the bladder and different pelvic organs. The connection between the pelvic organs and the ligaments can weaken over time or on account of childbirth trauma or power stress. When this occurs, the bladder might slide decrease than regular and swell into the vagina. The principle causes of prolapse bladder are weight problems, being pregnant, and childbirth, constipation, power cough, pelvic organ most cancers, and genetics. Threat elements for prolapse bladder embrace something that places strain on the pelvic ground and impacts its perform, comparable to being pregnant and childbirth, being obese, pelvic or gynecological surgical procedure, genetics, and menopause.

Signs of prolapsed bladder

The widespread signs of the prolapsed bladder are issue emptying the bladder, urinary tract infections, and issue protecting the tampons in place when urinating. The prolapsed bladder signs will rely on the severity of the situation. When strolling and operating if there’s a leakage of urine, it promotes incontinence. If there’s any such form of symptom like that a person ought to instantly seek the advice of the physician.

Therapies of prolapsed bladder

On the severity of the prolapsed bladder, the therapy shall be determined. Many ladies do not expertise any kind of signs, however the situation will get worsened over a while. In extreme circumstances, the physician will contemplate numerous elements comparable to the girl’s age, normal well being, and therapy preferences. The physician will contemplate it into 3 grades comparable to gentle, average, and extreme, in gentle the physician might recommend a tool named a pessary that’s inserted into the vagina to carry the bladder in place. One who has a prolapsed bladder might profit from estrogen alternative remedy, estrogen helps to strengthen and preserve the muscular tissues of the vagina. In a average part, the physician might recommend a pelvic ground physiotherapist and hormone remedy. In extreme circumstances, the physician might recommend surgical procedure.

In gentle and average circumstances, the physician might advocate kegel train, it helps in strengthening the pelvic ground muscular tissues. The prolapsed bladder may be handled with dwelling treatments additionally by doing pelvic ground workout routines and including fiber to each meal to keep away from constipation and scale back weight if one is obese.


The prolapsed bladder impacts ladies’s bodily, sexual, and psychological well being as it’s a life-threatening situation. To forestall prolapse bladder, one ought to add a high-fiber eating regimen to her meals and drink loads of water day by day which may scale back the danger of growing constipation. Physique stress like lifting heavy objects ought to be averted if attainable. Girls with long-term constipation ought to see a physician, to scale back the possibility of prolapsed bladder.

The article is written by Dr. Dilip Dhanpal, Marketing consultant Urologist, Uro Oncologist and Transplant Surgeon, Apollo Spectra Hospital Bangalore.

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