Mysterious cold blobs may be hiding inside a distant star


A small star referred to as AU Microscopii appears to include unusual pockets of hydrogen thousand of levels colder than the remainder of the star, and astronomers aren’t positive why


10 June 2022

Artist’s impression of a hypothetical planet and moon orbiting the pink dwarf star AU Microscopii

NASA Picture Assortment/Alamy

The distant star AU Microscopii could have mysterious chilly spots. It appears to include pockets of hydrogen which can be greater than 1500°C colder than the encircling areas, and astronomers aren’t positive why.

AU Microscopii, or AU Mic, is a comparatively small star about 32 gentle years away. Laura Flagg at Cornell College was testing an algorithm utilizing information on AU Mic taken by the Hubble Space Telescope in 1998 when she observed one thing …

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