Glycaemic index is a poor predictor of how foods raise blood sugar


A examine of individuals with prediabetes exhibits that the identical meals have an effect on blood sugar ranges very in a different way. The findings add to a rising physique of proof undermining the thought of an ordinary glycaemic index


25 June 2022

Many meals labels embrace info on glycaemic index rating

Radharc Photographs/Alamy

Folks with prediabetes who eat the very same meals can have very totally different blood sugar levels.

These findings, which had been introduced on the American Society of Nutrition conference final week, are the most recent to recommend that glycaemic index (GI) is an unreliable predictor of how meals have an effect on blood sugar ranges.

The thought behind GI is straightforward: meals are scored based mostly on how rapidly they improve glucose ranges within the blood. These above 70 are excessive GI meals, that means they quickly increase …

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