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Condom addiction: Increasing demands for condoms to get ‘high’; Know the health hazards

A information report on rising demand for condoms could have been common information for all. However it isn’t.

As per the report college students in West Bengal‘s Durgapur have been shopping for condoms; however not to be used as a contraceptive. And are as an alternative utilizing it as an intoxication! This weird development has raised many questions, a number of of that are involved in direction of the well being of the scholars.

So, what is the report all about?

A shopkeeper of a medical store advised the media that the variety of condom packets being bought every day has elevated manifold.

The report claims that the sale of flavored condoms has drastically elevated in a number of components of Durgapur like Durgapur Metropolis Heart, Bidhannagar, Benachiti, and Muchipara, C Zone, A Zone.

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The weird motive behind this surge in condom selling-buying got here to fore when a shopkeeper requested about it to a buyer, the report says. To this the shopper, a youngster, replied condom can also be

What is the “intoxicating” factor in a condom?

As per a chemistry trainer, soaking condoms in scorching water for a very long time breaks down giant natural molecules and creates alcohol compounds. This compound is conserving the youth intoxicated.

The fragrant compound in condoms is the intoxicating ingredient. This compound can also be current in dendrites, which is once more a really generally used product for intoxication. Thought-about to be a substandard methodology of intoxication, the usage of dendrite is quite common and is usually amongst younger individuals.

Different intoxications

Individuals have bizarre selections with regards to intoxication. Few weird ones embrace consuming cough syrup, sniffing glue and industrial adhesive merchandise, inhaling paint, nail polish, and inhaling whiteners.

Even many individuals are seen getting intoxicated by consuming hand sanitisers and aftershave.

The well being hazards

Younger individuals who frequently intoxicate themselves with these compounds develop critical well being issues starting from chest ache to persistent headache.

The worst half is these people are a lot addicted that they finally find yourself utilizing these intoxications as a treatment for his or her illnesses. This will increase their dependency on the addictions.

“Generally used inhalants embrace gasoline, glue, spray paints, solvents, cleansing fluids, and the opposite assorted aerosols. The sample of use contains sniffing or snorting, huffing, and bagging. Using inhalants is related to a sense of euphoria which is intensified by the hypercapnia and hypoxia attributable to rebreathing from a closed bag. Adolescents who meet the factors for dependence or abuse report coexisting delinquent behaviors, a number of drug abuse and dependence, and make the most of psychological well being companies for different emotional issues,” says a 2011 analysis examine by researchers at Division of Psychiatry, Authorities Medical School and Hospital, Chandigarh, India and Division of Psychiatry, Psychological Well being Institute, SCB Medical School, Cuttack, Odisha, India.

Early indicators of intoxication are:

  • Nausea
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Nostril bleeding
  • Dangerous breath or halitosis
  • Exhaustion
  • Lack of urge for food

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