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Can having certain combination of foods worsen vitiligo? Expert busts some common myths

Vitiligo, also referred to as Leucoderma (white pores and skin) or white leprosy, is an autoimmune situation through which the physique’s immune system assaults wholesome pigmentary cells referred to as melanocytes, ultimately affecting your complete physique.

“The situation is characterised by white spots on the pores and skin that seem because of the lack of melanocytes throughout the pores and skin. These cells are in control of producing the skin pigment melanin, which supplies your pores and skin its color. When the melanocytes die, white patches kind. Whereas vitiligo is commonly thought to be one of the vital frequent pores and skin situations, it’s crucial to dispel some standard misconceptions about it,” mentioned Dr Rohit Batra, Dermatologist and Vitiligo Professional at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi

So, with out additional ado, let’s start the debunking course of.

Fantasy 1: Individuals with vitiligo have a decrease stage of psychological or bodily capacity.
Reality 1: Vitiligo is a pores and skin illness that impacts solely the pores and skin. In consequence, it has no impact or affect on every other physique organs, whether or not mental or bodily.

Fantasy 2: Vitiligo is linked to cancer, albinism, and leprosy.
Reality 2: Once more, vitiligo is a pores and skin sickness; there isn’t a hyperlink between it and skin cancer, leprosy, or albinism. It’s an autoimmune sickness through which an individual’s immune system assaults and kills his or her personal skin-coloring cells, referred to as melanocytes.

Fantasy 3: Consuming a selected mixture of meals could make vitiligo worse.
Reality 3: This assertion is categorically improper. There is no such thing as a hyperlink between meals and Vitiligo disease. In truth, it’s a situation that’s unaffected by the meals you select to eat.

Fantasy #4: Vitiligo can solely have an effect on the fingers and face.
Reality 4: Vitiligo-caused white or gentle patches are extra frequent in sun-exposed areas such because the fingers, toes, arms, lips, and face. Patches of this nature can seem within the armpits, eyes, genitals, navel, and rectal areas in some circumstances. Equally, patches might kind on the mucous membrane in addition to the retina.

Fantasy 5: Vitiligo solely impacts these with a darkish complexion or darkish pores and skin.
Reality 5: Vitiligo is a complexion-independent skin sickness that may have an effect on folks of all pores and skin tones, whether or not they’re darkish, pale, or honest.

Fantasy 6: Vitiligo may be handled by placing completely different oils, utilizing residence cures on the affected pores and skin space and consuming specific nutritional vitamins.
Reality 6: No, making use of residence cures or oils won’t deal with Vitiligo. Infact, you’re delaying the therapy course of which isn’t in any respect advisable. An authorized dermatologist as per your situation can information you with quite a lot of remedies, together with UV gentle remedy, surgical pores and skin and mobile grafts, tattooing, and medicines. Some folks select to simply conceal their pores and skin with particular cosmetics. Seek the advice of your physician when you have Vitiligo to study the entire alternate options obtainable or applicable for treating pores and skin color loss.

Fantasy 7: Vitiligo is communicable and infectious.
Reality 7: Vitiligo just isn’t an infectious or contagious illness. In consequence, there’s no want to flee or keep away from contact with somebody who’s affected by the identical situation. Fairly, you need to use this info to help them in combating the bias and stigma that they face every day. As folks affected by Vitiligo, undergo enormous psychological trauma, stress and depression.

Fantasy 8: Each white patch is vitiligo
Reality 8: No, quite a lot of elements could cause pores and skin discolouration, together with: Eczema, atopic dermatitis, fungal infection, Nevus Depigmentosus, Pityriasis Alba, Lichen Simplex Atrophicans, Put up burn depigmentation. Solely a board licensed dermatologist can let you know whether or not the white patch is Vitiligo or another pores and skin situation.

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