Bricks made of dust from the Moon and Mars could make space buildings


Baking a mix of saltwater and supplies that mimic mud from the moon or Mars at a excessive temperature produced sturdy bricks that could possibly be used to construct human habitats in house


25 Might 2022

The mud and unfastened rocks that make up the moon’s floor may make sturdy bricks

NASA/GSFC/Arizona State College

Bricks product of a mixture of saltwater and mud from the moon or Mars can stand up to sufficient stress for use in any future extraterrestrial building. However astronauts planning on making these might want to determine how one can bake them first.

Ranajay Ghosh on the College of Central Florida and his colleagues needed to know whether or not the mud and unfastened rocks on the moon and Mars, generally known as regolith, could possibly be made into sturdy …

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