Betelgeuse star dimming mystery accidently solved by weather satellite


The sudden dimming of Betelgeuse in 2019 has been puzzling astronomers ever since, however now we have now nailed down the trigger


30 Could 2022

Artist’s impression of Himawari-8 and Himawari-9


A climate satellite tv for pc making routine observations of Earth could have solved the thriller of why the star Betelgeuse briefly misplaced its shine.

In late 2019, the pink supergiant star, which is about 550 gentle years from Earth, instantly grew to become loads fainter, an occasion often known as the Nice Dimming.

Earlier analysis had advised a cloud of mud and a cool spot on the star may have been the cause. Daisuke Taniguchi on the College of Tokyo, Japan, now believes we all know for certain …

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